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New product that enables simple vehicle armouring - on show at the HAVERKAMP booth

Each day with several live product demonstrations  

This year’s edition of the SicherheitsExpo, the specialist exhibition for security technology, takes place in Munich on 27-28 June. Over two days, HAVERKAMP will be informing visitors to its stand of the latest developments in the field of mechanical security for facilities and perimeters. In addition, our security experts will be giving live product demonstrations outside the entrance to Hall 2 twice each day. Windows coated with PROFILON® security film will be exposed to attacks from burglary implements as well as incendiaries and other objects. 

HAVERKAMP at the SicherheitsExpo 2018


The market is already directing special attention to HAVERKAMP’s new product development, which is conceived to protect occupants of vehicles such as police buses, emergency vehicles in conflict areas, and VIP limousines. The extremely resilient material is a composite of safety glass and security film, making it resistant to bullet penetration; it is also thinner than conventional glass, which means it is considerably lighter. HAVERKAMP employees will be on hand in Munich to provide information about this new product development.

HAVERKAMP can meanwhile look back on forty years of experience in the developmenet of security films. HAVERKAMP’s presence at this specialist event is a must, not only as a developer of security films in Germany but also as the developer of the industrial assembly system for automotive security films using the dry coating process. HAVERKAMP will be displaying the latest generation of PROFILON® security films at its exhibition stand.

Perimeter protection for every level of safety

The second focus of this year’s exhibition is on the field of perimeter security products, featuring a wide range of fence and detection systems. HAVERKAMP develops detection fences that are not readily perceptible as such and that reliably signal even the very first attempt at intrusion.

Live demonstrationswill be given several times a day with incendiaries and breaking and entering implements.
Live demonstrations are at 11.00 am and 1.30 pm on the first exhibition day, while on the second day they are at 11.00 am and 2.30 pm.

HAVERKAMP can be found at stand E16 in Hall 3. The live demonstration is in the outdoor area directly outside the entrance to Hall 2.