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„Less heat, good UV protection, climate-neutral and a higher shopping experience for our customers“

Peter Hildebrand, managing director of the well-known home textile chain REITER beds & curtains in Austria, is absolutely satisfied. Special sun protection films from HAVERKAMP offer this added value. 

Transparent sun protection films as part of the solution to current climate challenges:


Peter Hildebrand, managing director of the well-known home textile chain REITER beds & curtains in Austria, is absolutely satisfied: In the stores of the enterprise the heat development in the summer months is now under control, the air conditioners are relieved - that reduces costs. The reason: special sun protection films from product developer HAVERKAMP in Germany. The company has had these films installed on the generous glass facades of its sales stores - since then there is less heat in the shops, the goods in the shop windows are protected from the sun's UV light and the customers feel comfortable in the stores. In addition, the climate control system is relieved, which reduces CO2 emissions and thus the carbon footprint. 

 Strong exposure to sunlight causes problems

It was not always like this. The generous glass facades are part of the store concept. All 18 REITER stores in Austria were planned this way. The latest REITER store, which opened in September 2020, is Europe's most modern specialist home textiles store with more than 1,300 square meters of sales area. A lot of glass not only lets in a lot of daylight, but also signals openness, transparence and modern design to the customers. In strong sunlight, however, the disadvantage of the comprehensive window areas quickly became apparent. "The sales rooms heated up quickly, and we were only able to achieve a comfortable sales temperatures by using the air conditioning systems to full capacity," Hildebrand explains. "Of course, external shading or dimming was not an option for our store windows.“

Transparent sun protection window films have significant advantages

REITER was briefed by the window film experts from Münster. A transparent sun protection film was the perfect solution. "The films have important advantages. They have an optimal heat reflection and at the same time an extremely high light transmission. The heat load is reduced without reducing the transparency of the shop windows," says film developer Ulrich Haverkamp. The film experts have a wide range of transparent sun protection films in their program. One of them is the so called Nanoceramic window film, which - as the name suggests - has a ceramic coating that does not dim the room and at the same time offers high heat protection. The film is installed on the inside of the window and can therefore be used on many types of glass. Which film is actually useful on which object is decided after intensive analysis of the technical features. All variants can be retrofitted without changing the appearance or architecture of the building.

Ever more companies are choosing HAVERKAMP films

More and more retail and hotel companies are choosing transparent HAVERKAMP sun protection films as an important part of an all-in-one solution for the current climate challenges. The example from Austria shows that this opportunity works.