HAVERKAMP – security for our customers

  • HAVERKAMP develops security concepts for both companies and private individuals 
  • Risk analysis based on thirty years' experience 
  • Products integrated in every single security concept are made in Germany and developed in house
  • Every customer benefits from individual consultation and obtains a security concept tailored to his needs
  • Security technology made by HAVERKAMP undergoes installation by a specialist team

The need for protection is derived from the potential objective danger in conjunction with the individual perception of security and, as such, it is highly individual, whether the customer is a person or a company. An integrated security concept should take into consideration the building's location and size as well the equipment it is fitted with.

HAVERKAMP has more than thirty years' experience in developing security solutions for a wide range of customer requirements. This experience not only benefits the design of each individual security solution but is also an essential aspect of product development. It enables HAVERKAMP to provide every customer with a security solution that is tailored to his needs and allows him to maintain his usual lever of activity.

This is what creates his sense of security.

HAVERKAMP develops security concepts and highly effective security products for both private customers and companies with a corresponding level of risk. We advise public bodies and dignitaries, often working closely with the relevant security authorities. Security technology made by HAVERKAMP is installed and assembled by specially trained teams.

Even though its customers have markedly different profiles, HAVERKAMP's wide range of high-tech products can be customised and modified to ensure each individual customer's security. By understanding our customers' needs, analysing dangers and implementing practicable security systems, we are ideally placed to enhance their sense of security.