Security for industry and commerce – effective protection of large areas

The development of security concepts for industrial plants and large commercial areas presents constantly new challenges. The systems have to be designed in such a way that they remain absolutely effective even under adverse weather and environmental conditions, and they must take all eventualities into consideration, from basic anti-theft protection to protection against industrial espionage. This also includes providing effective protection of the property's perimeter as well as guarding against glass breakage in industrial buildings.

Over the years, HAVERKAMP has made a considerable name for itself in this field, and numerous large industrial and commercial enterprises have placed their trust in the expertise of the HAVERKAMP security experts.

Whether the project involves a retrofit solution or a new installation – our experts always have an eye on additional costs, while focusing primarily on the security aspect. Cost-utility analyses (total cost of ownership) minimise the consequential costs to companies.

It is the combination of in-house products with a technological lead and additional security technology services that makes HAVERKAMP state-of-the-art solutions for industry and commerce so successful.