Security concepts for private properties

  • Security provided by HAVERKAMP for private individuals is based on inconspicuous yet highly effective solutions and products, supplied directly from the developer
  • A range of resistance classes are available to suit various architectural styles
  • Security systems also protect the perimeter of a property 
  • Security products for buildings hinder burglary and are resistant to the effects of explosion  

Private properties are often characterised by a unique architecture. It is then all the more important that integrated security solutions remain inconspicuous and match the architectural conditions, without forfeiting their effectiveness. Feeling safe in your own home without being constantly reminded of risks is a luxury that HAVERKAMP can provide you with.

HAVERKAMP supplies a range of security solutions and products designed for a range of resistance classes that can be fitted without exception into any existing architecture, whatever the style. Whether you require burglary protection or all-round protection from attack, HAVERKAMP products and systems are responsible not only for mechanical security and prevention but also detection and alarm activation.

Now you can get on with your life, while we enhance your sense of freedom!


Securing a property's perimeter

HAVERKAMP supplies perimeter protection systems for private individuals, comprising detection and alarm fences and perimeter surveillance based on either invisible sensor or video systems. The alarm can be activated in any way, routed to any control centre, and signalised by visual or acoustic means at home or on a smartphone.

Further information about our perimeter systems is available here.


Building security

Structural, mechanical building security that complies with a range of resistance classes can be either retrofitted at any time or planned for new installations, with intrusion-resistant windows and doors, additional technical measures, and a reliable intrusion detection and alarm system.

HAVERKAMP security windows are made of highly transparent and extremely light HAKAGARD® security glass, in casements that are easy to operate despite their high burglary or bullet resistance class.

HAVERKAMP security films are the optimum retrofit solution for all glass fronts and windows. They are transparent and thus indiscernible to the onlooker, while offering a high degree of protection against burglary as well as a high explosion resistance. HAVERKAMP security films have been awarded several certifications.

Further information is available here.