Security concepts for public bodies and administrations

  • The breadth of security risks in public administrations and bodies is constantly increasing

  • HAVERKAMP develops specially tailored security concepts for numerous crisis scenarios, primarily in the public sector, without affecting citizens' accessibility

  • Cost consciousness: HAVERKAMP security solutions are designed for modular expansion and can be integrated into existing security concepts. They are made up of products supplied directly from the developer 

As public bodies and administrative offices open themselves up more and more to their citizens, the increased transparency results in a need for more stringent security standards. Crimes committed in this area range from malicious property damage and breaking and entering with theft to lethal rampages in schools. Political representatives are also exposed to increasing dangers that vary in accordance with their current tasks and areas of responsibility.

The breadth of scenarios is evidence that an extensive security concept for the public administration sector has to take all possible crisis scenarios into consideration, without affecting citizens' accessibility. HAVERKAMP develops the custom security solution that a public institution needs, on the basis of a comprehensive security analysis and accompanying consultation. This saves costs. The advantage is that HAVERKAMP security solutions are designed for modular expansion, which means that any changes in requirements can be integrated without problem into existing security concepts.

As an integral part of all-inclusive security solutions, HAVERKAMP products offer decisive advantages because they allow very rapid alarm activation, often without the perpetrator even noticing, which increases intervention periods. Moreover, the use of mechanical security systems minimises direct encroachment.