Building security

  • The development, production and installation of building security products is one of HAVERKAMP's core activities – for the customer, this means: products made in Germany, supplied directly from the developer, and competence for new constructions and retrofits 
  • HAKAGARD® wood and wood-aluminium security windows and doors are available in all resistance classes – from burglary-resistant to bullet-resistant lightweight glass panels 

The fundamental task and objective of building security is to ensure the integrity of a building and all of the people living and working in it. The decisive factors, in addition to access control and supplementary technical activities, comprise structural and mechanical measures as well as reliable detection and alarm activation in the event of any intrusion attempts.

To enable comparable specifications for classifying buildings and providing security in line with the relevant hazard categories, the European DIN EN 1627 standard defines a number of burglary resistance classes. HAVERKAMP has made the information regarding these standards available for its customers in a clearly laid-out overview. You will find the download here:

Download: Resistance classes

HAVERKAMP offers its customers a wide range of building security products in line with the various resistance classes – both for new buildings and for retrofitting.



HAKAGARD® wood security windows and doors from HAVERKAMP in all resistance classes

HAKAGARD® security windows and doors are made according to the individual customer's specifications and needs, and are available in just about any imaginable form and opening type.

Security windows can be supplied either with standard burglar-resistant glazing or, if preferred, with bullet-resistant glass panels in accordance with DIN EN 1063 up to resistance class BR7-NS. The glass panels were developed by HAVERKAMP; they are highly transparent and, unlike many other types of security glass, they have no green tint. Their high security class means that they are not discernible to outside onlookers.

There are also a number of security classes available for the interior of a building, with different security classes and access authorisations applying to certain rooms and corridors, as required. These individual protection classes can also be realised and visualised with HAKAGARD® security windows and doors.

Further product information on HAVERKAMP HAKAGARD® security windows can be found here.    


PROFILON® security film systems from HAVERKAMP

From a security perspective, despite all its benefits, glass generally represents a weak link in a building's security and integrity. It may be a hard material but it is also very brittle one, making it susceptible to break-ins, facade splintering, and airborne splinters in the event of explosion. 

However, HAVERKAMP has developed a solution that increases the stability of brittle glass materials by merging them with a flexible film system. This prevents dangerous glass splinters from becoming detached or glass from shattering in the frame.

HAVERKAMP security films significantly increases the resistance of glass in the event of an attack. HAVERKAMP PROFILON® films are recognised and verified by certifications issued by the Material Testing Agency (Materialprüfungsamt).