The concept of perimeter protection

  • The purpose of perimeter protection is to impede attempts at penetrating property boundaries and to detect any incursion attempts at this outermost protection zone 
  • Objective: to maximise the intervention time
  • HAVERKAMP offers numerous perimeter protection products and concepts; many of these are in-house developments based on more than 30 years of market experience, offering physical security and inconspicuous detection all in one
  • MicroGARD® pro is available as a retrofit solution, AluGARD® is a modular aluminium security fence system and PanelGARD® is a concealed facade sensor for logistics buildings and warehouses.

The perimeter is the outer area surrounding a protected building, whether the latter is a private residence, commercial property, or a territory whose boundaries require protection.

The purpose of perimeter protection is the same for all peripheral areas: the aim is to impede attempts at penetrating property boundaries and to detect any events both at the outer perimeter and within the protected area itself – i.e. protection and security at the outermost protection zone. It also includes the monitoring and securing of exterior facades, as well as driveways and access roads.    


Many security concepts aim to maximise the intervention period. This is achieved by early detection of an attempted or actual incursion – and the quicker it is detected, the more time remains for intervention. A detection fence installed at the border of the property frequently represents the first and best opportunity of detecting an intruder and initiating appropriate countermeasures.

 HAVERKAMP perimeter protection: product portfolio   

HAVERKAMP has a range of approaches and products for perimeter protection that impressively satisfy the central objectives of securing, monitoring and remediation measures. Many customers have confirmed the functionality and security of these modules and products.


We have developed retrofit systems that combine extreme flexibility with high-performance – for example MicroGARD® pro, which is designed to convert existing fences into alarm fencing.

HAVERKAMP's product range also includes a number of high-performance fences that offer physical resistance to an intruder at the boundary of a property, by means of a variety of detection fences. These are constructed in a way that renders their detection functionality invisible, with the result that many perpetrators do not even realise that they have been detected.

The most recent development at HAVERKAMP is the PanelGARD® facade sensor, which is fully concealed and often remains undetected by intruders. 

Zum einen hat das Unternehmen besonders leistungsstarke und vielseitige Nachrüstsysteme, wie beispielsweise MicroGARD® pro, entwickelt, die vorhandene Zäune zu Alarmzäunen umfunktionieren.

Zum anderen bietet HAVERKAMP in seinem Portfolio eine Anzahl von Hochleistungszäunen an, die mit unterschiedlichsten Detektionszäunen an der Grundstücksgrenze dem Eindringling mechanischen Widerstand entgegensetzen, aber auch so konstruiert sind, dass die Detektionsfunktionalität gar nicht erkannt wird. Der Vorteil: Viele Täter erkennen oft gar nicht, dass sie bereits detektiert wurden.

Die jüngste Entwicklung von HAVERKAMP ist der Fassadensensor PanelGARD®, der – vollständig verborgen – auch von Innentätern oft nicht erkannt wird.