Film technology

Glass is a material appreciated by architects for its transparency, optical lightness and ability to put its stamp on modern building designs and spatial sensibilities.

From a security perspective, despite all its benefits, glass generally represents a weak link in a building's security and integrity. It may be a hard material but it is also a very brittle one, making it susceptible to break-ins, facade splintering, and airborne splinters in the event of explosion. What do happiness and glass have in common? They are both easily shattered. Unfortunately, HAVERKAMP's security experts are also unable to make either happiness or glass any less breakable.

However, what HAVERKAMP has developed is a solution that increases the strength of inherently brittle glass by combining it with a flexible film system. This prevents dangerous glass splinters from becoming airborne or glass from shattering in the frame.

HAVERKAMP security films: the most highly resistant retrofit solution in the world

HAVERKAMP security films significantly increase the resistance of glass in the event of an attack. HAVERKAMP PROFILON® films are certified by the Material Testing Agency (Materialprüfungsamt) – both in resisting burglary (P3A resistance against thrown objects) and in explosion protection (ER1).

Film systems like PROFILON® FF make life in big cities safer by holding the glass in its frame when a facade shatters, thus preventing the glass from collapsing suddenly and uncontrolled onto the street.

Numerous companies, public bodies, dignitaries and private individuals place their faith in security made by HAVERKAMP. This is what convinces us not to stand still but to forge ahead in our product development. In particular, some of our references make us particularly proud: PROFILON® ER1 security film by HAVERKAMP has been shown to have saved the lives of many government officials during the catastrophic bomb attack in Oslo in 2011.

Download - Reference PROFILON ER1_Oslo