High-performance climbover protection

Characteristics at a glance

  • Highly effective climbover protection for fence systems, various wall types, and roof edges
  • Retrofit solution for protecting against climbover intrusions
  • Domed design for extremely high barring effect
  • Very difficult to overcome even with technical aids
  • Available on request with specially modified detection system for early recognition of approaches and climbover attempts using technical aids 

Areas of application

  • Commercial perimeters with extreme protection requirements, such as production facilities, logistics companies, warehouses, energy companies, chemical works, etc.
  • Embassy premises
  • Courtyards
  • Prisons 

ProtectGARD can be integrated in the AluGARD® base system

ProtectGARD is ideally suited for integration in the AluGARD® base system. AluGARD® is a system of aluminium posts, available from HAVERKAMP in a range of sizes and diameters. These can be fitted with a variety of fillers – adapted to customer requirements – as well as climbover protection and sensor and video systems.

Further information on AluGARD® is available here.




ProtectGARD is the ideal climbover retrofit solution for fence systems, walls and roof edges. The curved, minimalist design of the ProtectGARD system also fulfils a particular safety function: the shape, dimensions and materials of the domed rods have an extremely high barring effect. ProtectGARD takes into account the physiological capabilities of a person while climbing. Even using technical aids, the ProtectGARD system is virtually impossible to breach. 

ProtectGARD can be fitted with a specially modified detection system that is able to recognise when ropes or grapple hooks are in use or when the wall is being approached from inside or outside.