Climbover detection for stone and concrete walls

Characteristics at a glance

  • Climbover protection for walls, gate crowns and solid fences
  • Extremely low false alarm rate
  • Retrofit solution for all types of solid fence
  • Integrated climbover protection, indiscernible to the untrained eye
  • Signalisation of climbover attempts in a variety of forms, materials and colours

Areas of application 

  • Private properties with stone wall perimeters
  • Commercial plot perimeters for production facilities, logistics companies, warehouses and office complexes
  • Hotels
  • Parks


Outwardly, WallGARD® looks just like a normal metal cover that protects walls and gate crowns from weathering. However, integrated inside it are special absorptive switching elements that are able to detect and analyse weight loads. The system has an extremely low false alarm rate, as the detection thresholds are set so that the system is not set off by animals or snow. 

WallGARD® can be integrated in the AluGARD® base system

WallGARD® is ideally suited for integration in the AluGARD® base system. AluGARD® is a system of aluminium posts, available from HAVERKAMP in a range of sizes and diameters. These can be fitted with a variety of fillers – adapted to customer requirements – as well as climbover protection.

Further information on AluGARD® is available here.




Stone or concrete walls are the most typical perimeter structures, as they generally harmonise well with their surroundings. The disadvantage is that because they often lack an effective climbover guard, they only provide insufficient protection against intruders and are unable to sound an alarm in the event of a climbover incursion.

WallGARD® from HAVERKAMP is a solution that can be retrofitted to existing walls, gate crowns or solid fences, to form an effective climbover protection. It is indiscernible to the naked eye and leaves the existing architecture virtually unchanged.

HAVERKAMP supplies WallGARD® in a wide range of materials, forms and colours.