WallGARD® compact

Climbover protection for bar grate panels

Characteristics at a glance

  • Retrofit climbover protection made of aluminium for bar grate panels  and lattice fences
  • For private properties and commercial property boundaries
  • Compact security solution for detecting climbover attempts
  • Reliable – indiscernible to attackers
  • Quick to install – cheap retrofit solution – maintenance free
  • Detection independent of weather
  • Adaptable design in all RAL colours 

Watch out: retrofittable WallGARD® compact anti-climb protection for your direct sales

Your advantages:

  • Installation and connection are possible without problems due to your specialist knowledge
  • You will receive WallGARD® compact fully assembled and with modules ready for connection
  • The connection can be integrated into any burglar alarm/video surveillance system
  • All we need from you are a few specifications - then we develop your system

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Areas of application

  • Private properties with a bar grate panel  fence around the perimeter
  • Commercial plot perimeters for production facilities, logistics companies, warehouses and office complexes
  • Hotels with a bar grate fence around the perimeter


Outwardly, WallGARD® compact is indistinguishable from standard retail cover profiles for bar grate fencing. However, it contains an underlying, weather-resistant optical waveguide cable that is able to detect any climbover attempts. The false alarm rate is extremely low, as the detection thresholds are set so that the system is not set off by animals or snow. 

System components

WallGARD® compact consists of a weather-resistant optical waveguide, an electronic, software-controlled evaluation module and an aluminium cover profile. The alarm is activated by potential-free contacts and if required, by means of a GPS module.



WallGARD® compact

Bar grating is a very common perimeter form for both commercial and private properties. The disadvantage is that the mechanical fence system alone often provides only insufficient protection against intruders, largely because they lack an effective climbover guard. WallGARD® compact is a climbover protection system that is easy to retrofit and reliably detects climbover attempts in a way that is indiscernible to attackers. It is not necessary for the fence to undergo conversion. The system can be installed quickly and without prior technical knowledge.

WallGARD® compact is suitable for guarding both private properties and protecting commercial and industrial facilities. Following installation, the system is immediately operational and able to directly detect any climbover attempts. Moreover, it does not require regular maintenance. WallGARD® compact features a discreet design and is modifiable. The aluminium cover profiles are available in all RAL colours.