fence interface ZI06

Characteristics at a glance

  • Evaluation unit for reliable surveillance of fences and transmission of alarm signals
  • Suitable for all HAVERKAMP quiescent current systems – for up to 6 detection lines
  • Galvanic signal isolation / voltage surges are filtered out
  • Installation performed solely by trained personnel

Areas of application

  • Perimeter fences (commercial and private)
  • All HAVERKAMP quiescent current systems 

General specifications 

  • Device type                      Quiescent current evaluation unit
  • Model                                ZI06
  • Article number                K370312
  • Operating voltage           24 VDC
  • Operating temperature -35 °C to 70 °C
  • Size                                    220 x 110 x 15 mm



HAVERKAMP fence interface® ZI06

The HAVERKAMP fence interface was developed for surveillance and for forwarding alarm signals from all HAVERKAMP quiescent current systems. Alarm signals from the fence are galvanically isolated and transmitted to the overriding system through potential-free contacts. Voltage surges of up to 2 kV are filtered out – thus ensuring reliable fence surveillance.

The evaluation unit is able to monitor and evaluate up to 6 detection lines. Potential-free contacts are available for the transmission of alarm signals.