Invisible and undetectable monitoring of outdoor areas

Characteristics at a glance

  • Anti-theft sensor for outdoor areas
  • Ground detection system for large horizontal expanses and entrance areas
  • Footfall detection by means of pressure-sensitive waveguide sensor system
  • For area surveillance of private and commercial spaces and properties
  • Up to 50 m length available per detection unit
  • Detects  weight forces of a few kilograms to several tonnes
  • Maintenance-free – very low false alarm rate
  • Not visible to metal detectors or magnetic field probes
  • Extreme sensitivity makes it suitable for virtually any surface

For alarm installers: StepGARD® for your direct sales

StepGARD® ground detection is now also available as a modular system for uncomplicated activation by your customers:

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How it works: Send us all needed details with the dimensions of your project and HAVERKAMP will develop the fitting ready-to-connect modules for you.

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Areas of application

  • Commercial and private properties
  • Driveways and access roads
  • Entrance areas
  • Flat or conventional roofs
  • Balconies
  • Grate stairs
  • Container yards
  • Raw material storage facilities
  • Logistics centres
  • Motorway rest areas
  • Building sites
  • Cable ducts
  • Museum and art gallery exhibits




StepGARD® is a pressure sensitive detection system that can be employed wherever reliable access control is a necessity – far example for the surveillance of motorway rest areas, container yards, raw material stores, logistics centres and driveways. StepGARD® is the ideal anti-theft sensor for use in outdoor areas, as it is both invisible and undetectable.

The threshold of the pressure sensitive system adjusts itself dynamically to the surrounding conditions. The evaluation module generates a switching signal according to changes detected in the waveguide's optical characteristics when a load is applied. By making the appropriate parameter selections, it is possible to detect changes in transverse pressure of between a few kilograms and several tonnes. A number of different multimode glass core fibres may be employed, depending on requirements.

As no metal components are used, the StepGARD® sensor system remains invisible to metal detectors and magnetic field probes.


StepGARD® adapts itself dynamically to the surroundings and is able to identify gradually rising loads, such as snowfall. This prevents the occurrence of false alarms.

Thanks to its extreme sensitivity, the detection system can be employed beneath virtually any surface, with the exception of prestressed concrete. StepGARD® operates reliably and unproblematically even when installed under turf, paving, soil, concrete slabs and gravel.

The most important parameters of StepGARD®:

  • Glass optical waveguide with a core diameter of 50μm
  • Operating temperature range of the optical waveguide: -40 °C to +85 °C
  • Joint systems with IP67 safety rating