vertical bar fencing with electric surveillance

Characteristics at a glance

  • Security fence for effective detection of breaching attempts
  • ClassicGARD® security fence with quiescent current monitored front grille, available in a choice of classic and baroque constructions
  • Particularly suitable for securing private properties and historical parks
  • Integrated security monitoring inside the fence material, barely discernible to intruders
  • Quiescent current monitoring for minimal false alarm rate
  • Can be installed between steel, brick or natural stone posts

Areas of application

  • Private properties
  • Estates
  • Gardens and parks
  • Site protection for historic buildings and monuments 




The versatile ClassicGARD® security system can be varied from a simple classic solution to a multi-coloured baroque construction and can also be used in areas with special architectural demands. The front grille in the ClassicGARD® system is monitored with quiescent current that enables immediate detection of breaching attempts.

The classic design of the fence means that intruders will not realise at first sight that this is in fact a highly effective fence security system.

ClassicGARD® features an extremely low rate of false alarms. In terms of design, the system has virtually no limitations – the security fence is available in all RAL colours. It can be installed between steel posts, brickwork posts or natural stone posts, which are guarded by separate security solutions.

ClassicGARD® can also be integrated in HAVERKAMP's AluGARD® base system.