wire meshfence with quiescent current surveillance

Characteristics at a glance

  • Wire mesh fence, electrically monitored
  • high-performance wire mesh with integrated climbover and penetration protection 
  • Quiescent current monitoring for minimal false alarm rate
  • Wire mesh design indiscernible to intruders as security fence
  • Long service life, low maintenance costs, highly weather resistant
  • Suitable both for securing private buildings and for long-stretch monitoring of company, park and sports premises 

Areas of application

  • Private properties
  • Company premises
  • Logistics centres
  • Raw materials facilities
  • Parks and gardens
  • Sports centres


FenceGARD HAVERKAMP® features an extremely low rate of false alarms. This is even the case under extreme conditions, such as snow and ice.

The system's long service life and comparatively low maintenance costs have been proven by long-term practice. It is also easy to maintain. As it does not require any clearance distance, it is ideal as a privacy screen with a natural foliage cover.

HAVERKAMP recommends FenceGARD HAVERKAMP® as an all-round product for anyone in need of inconspicuous perimeter protection, whether for long-stretch monitoring or securing a valuable private property. 



FenceGARD - The all-rounder

Not only does the wire mesh fence reliably detect climbover attempts, it is also a highly effective barrier. In short, it is an all-round high-performance and yet inconspicuous perimeter security system that is suitable for both private and corporate customers. At first glance, FenceGARD® looks like a normal wire mesh fence, but its special features are hidden in the detail. The fence is equipped with quiescent current monitoring, which means it can reliably detect any breaching and climbover attempts to within a few metres. Only a trained eye can discern the difference between this and a conventional wire mesh fence.