Characteristics at a glance

  • Security fence made up of steel grille panels, with extendable, modular construction
  • GimaGARD® security fencing features electrical surveillance; a steel grille fence that can be adapted to suit a range of security requirements
  • Mechanically secured with quiescent current monitored climbover and penetration protection
  • Steel grille panel fence with an extremely low rate of false alarms
  • Integrated security features virtually undetectable to intruders
  • Long service life, low maintenance costs, highly weather resistant 

Areas of application

  • Private properties
  • Company premises
  • Logistics centres
  • Raw materials facilities
  • Parks and gardens
  • Sports centres

GimaGARD® can be integrated in the AluGARD® base system

GimaGARD® is suitable for integration in the AluGARD® base system. AluGARD® is the modular base structure from HAVERKAMP for alarm security fences, consisting of aluminium posts of a variety of sizes and diameters. These can be fitted with a range of fillers – adapted to customer requirements – as well as climbover protection and sensor and video systems.

Further information on AluGARD® is available here.




GimaGARD® is an electrically monitored steel grille fence with modular expansion elements that enable it to be adapted to a range of security requirements. GimaGARD® provides protection against both climbover and penetration attempts, and as such, provides ideal protection against a variety of intruder profiles and threat situations.