bullet-resistant alarm fence with scaling detection

Characteristics at a glance

  • Security fence with a glass construction that is resistant to both bullets and thrown objects, upon request with climbover, tunnelling or other protective functions
  • GlasGARD® is an inconspicuous and architecturally high-grade security fence with high quality glass elements, high-performance detection, and a high level of mechanical stability
  • Able to detect all types of climbover and penetration attempts; indiscernible to intruders
  • Enormous resistance of glass elements prevents penetration from long-barrel weapons of all calibres in accordance with the DIN 52290-2 and DIN EN 1063 standards
  • Transparent design means visibility is maintained

Areas of application

  • Private properties
  • Country estates and villas
  • Embassy premises and government districts
  • Company premises

GlasGARD® can be integrated in the AluGARD® base system

GlasGARD® can be combined with the AluGARD® base system to create a high security property protection system of high architectural quality. AluGARD® is the modular base structure from HAVERKAMP for alarm security fences, consisting of aluminium posts of a variety of sizes and diameters. These can be fitted with a range of fillers – adapted to customer requirements – as well as climbover protection and sensor and video systems.

Further information on AluGARD® is available here.




The GlasGARD® security fence system represents a real alternative to conventional security fences: GlasGARD® is a wall made of glass – transparent and thus inconspicuous – so as to maintain a view of the surroundings. The system features a high level of durability and high-performance detection. The integrated security glass elements reliably prevent penetration from long-barrel weapons of all calibres in accordance with the DIN 52290-2 and DIN EN 1063 standards, making them ideally suitable for protecting persons who are at particularly high risk.

GlasGARD® detects bullet and penetration attacks covertly and invisibly to the attacker. The glass fence can be combined with high-performance add-on solutions, such as climbover or tunnelling protection, etc., in line with the individual customer's needs and requirements. 

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