.OPALFILM® Whisper

Characteristics at a glance

  • Sun protection and sound absorption in one
  • Improves room acoustics by reducing sound wave reflection and reverberation times
  • Integrated UV protection of over 99 percent
  • Suitable for glare-free computer-screen workplaces in accordance with the Workplace Regulations (ArbStättV) and allows a view to the outside
  • Available in a range of films, embossing types and colours
  • Can be combined as a film blind with OPALVARIO® variable systems

Areas of application

  • Open-plan offices
  • Canteens
  • Swimming baths
  • Production works
  • Entrance halls
  • Meeting rooms
  • Living spaces

Folienfarben und -varianten

  • silver / grey 2R
  • grey / grey 2R
  • silver / grey 10 R

Film availability on request!




The high efficiency of OPALFILM® Whisper in improving room acoustics is based on its micro-perforations. Using a patented process, the films are perforated with holes of 0.2mm in diameter at a distance of 2mm apart. When sound waves impact on the film, there is a physical reaction, in which the sound energy is transformed into heat resulting from friction at the edges of the perforations. This results in a considerable reduction in reverberation times and in turn reduces noise levels.

Thanks to their excellent anti-glare performance while simultaneously maintaining visibility to the outside, OPALFILM® blind films have been used successfully for many years to provide glare protection for computer-screen workplaces. Use of the latest embossing techniques gives the film an optimum balance between transparency and hanging behaviour.

The combination of these features creates a new, multifunctional product for use inside buildings.