OPALFILM® liquid film


OPALFILM® liquid film as a retrofit alternative to anti-shatter film on U-profile construction glass and textured glass surfaces to protect against broken glass panels.

Characteristics at a glance 

  • Provides U-profile construction glass and textured glass with laminated safety glass-like properties
  • Binds splinters together
  • Available in individually definable thicknesses of between 300μ and 600μ
  • Integrated UV protection (reduces UV irradiation by over 99% in the range of 300 to 380 nm)
  • Excellent technical noise characteristics
  • Standard: neutral colour; gives impression of transparent glass both inside and outside; alternatively with colour shade
  • Extremely weatherproof
  • Able to withstand even large wind loads
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Tested and categorised by the Materials Testing Agency (MPA) of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia under DIN EN 12600 

Areas of application

  • Industrial buildings
  • Sports halls
  • Public buildings
  • Glass partition walls made of textured glass
  • U-profile construction glass

Can be combined with the following glass types 

  • Float glass
  • Single-pane safety glass
  • Double-pane safety glass
  • Laminated safety glass
  • Heat and sun protection glass
  • Textured glass

OPALFILM® liquid film

It is a particular challenge retrofitting anti-shatter protection to non-flat glass surfaces, such as textured glass and U-profile construction glass. OPALFILM® liquid film protects surfaces that are not suitable for use with conventional films. OPALFILM® liquid film is a liquid safety coating that adapts flexibly to the forms and structures of a wide range of glass panels. This enhances conventional glass with properties similar to laminated safety glass:

The transparent liquid film holds the glass in the frame and minimises the danger of airborne glass splinters or shards. The Materials Testing Office (MPA) of North Rhine Westphalia has tested and categorised anti-shatter liquid film pursuant to DIN EN 12600.

With the addition of effective UV protection, OPALFILM® liquid film is also highly suitable for use in large industrial buildings or sports halls in which glass facades are often built with non-flat surfaces, as well as for all types of textured glass. The City Tunnel in Leipzig, for instance, was secured using OPALFILM® liquid film.