Room acoustics

The use of OPALFILM® Whisper in the various OPALVARIO® variable systems enables a combination of sun protection and sound absorption. The improvement in room acoustics is attained by means of special microperforations in the screen material, which reduce echo and reverberation in the room.

The screen materials employed in sun protection systems have a positive effect on a room's acoustics, quite apart from the glare benefits they provide at computer-screen workplaces in accordance with the Computer Screen Workplace Regulations.

The OPALFILM® Whisper surface absorber can be used to solve acoustic problems, by employing suspended ceilings or suspended constructions in front of walls and glass facades. The range of stretch systems facilitates the uncomplicated installation and dismantling of the individual film elements. The films are designed for flexible application.

Areas of application for acoustic room-enhancement solutions: 

(Open-plan) offices – Spacious living rooms in private homes – Recreation rooms – Waiting rooms – Meeting rooms

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