Characteristics at a glance

  • Variable, high-tech glare protection, sun protection and heat protection
  • Specially developed for light regulation at computer-screen workplaces
  • Provides visibility to the outside in accordance with Workplace Regulations (ArbStättV)
  • Available with a range of profiles, mounts and operating systems
  • Operated either by ball chain or with motorised control components
  • Available with a range of side guides and cassette profiles

Areas of application

  • Offices
  • Meeting rooms
  • Open-plan offices
  • Living spaces
  • Entrance halls

System design

  • Roller blind system with two-piece cassette (44x46 mm)
  • Screen run from top down

System colors

  • silver (RAL 9006, plastics grey)
  • white (RAL 9016, plastics white)
  • Profiles can be chosen in all RAL colors, plastics mostly black


  • The cassette is mounted either by fitting it onto the 30x19 mm guide sections or by securing it with clips, screws or adhesive cement.
  • The side tension wires are secured by screws.

Side guide system

  • The system is fitted with one-piece side guide sections, 30x19 mm
  • The side guides are secured by adhesive cement or screws.

Film variants

  • periphery either metallized or tinted
  • alternatively dimming hangings available
  • sound absorption OPALFILM® Whisper optionally available
  • film embossings: Glatt, Glatt Stabila, Diamant, Diamant Stabila

Film colors









clear (UV-protection)



OPALVARIO® OV40 roller blind system

The OPALVARIO® OV40 roller blind system provides effective and attractive protection against sun and glare. Specially developed for light regulation at computer-screen workplaces, the systems allow a clear view to the outside, combined with glare reduction in accordance with EU guidelines. This effect is achieved by the use of special films with outstanding technical sun-protection performance and a highly reflective outside surface that provides effective heat protection.

The OPALVARIO® OV40 roller blind system is characterised by its extremely discreet cassette system. The modular construction with a range of side guide and cassette profiles, mounts and operating systems allows versatile use as a variable sun protection system in a wide range of room and office conditions.

The blinds are operated either by a ball chain or an electric motor, using a wide range of Somfy control units.

The screen material can be selected from a wide range of standard OPALFILM® shade films. The films can be ordered with various light transmission rates, tinting options and surface finishes, to satisfy individual technical requirements and design preferences.