OPALVARIO® Smart CleanAir

roller blind system including room air disinfection

Characteristics at a glance

  • nominated for the R+T Innovation Award 2021

  • Innovative film roller blind system with integrated disinfection of room air and film system curtain by UV lamps
  • Energetic effect due to heat-reflecting outer side of film: highly effective sun protection, heat protection and glare protection for building interiors
  • Climate protection and virus protection in one system: to relieve air-conditioning systems and minimise the virus load in closed rooms
  • In accordance with the EU-Workplace Ordinance with view to the outside
  • available with different profiles, fixing and operating techniques

Areas of application

  • business sector: (open-plan) offices | conference rooms |meeting rooms | canteens
  • education sector: schools | lecture halls | childcare centres

  • healthcare: hospitals | nursing homes | senior citizens' homes
  • public administrations 


product sheet


"We were driven by the goal of making gatherings of groups of people possible again, even in enclosed spaces. We have therefore worked to play a part in the solution in our field."

Ulrich Haverkamp, CEO



  • The room air is drawn in by small ventilation fans integrated into the cassette profile, disinfected and cleaned by extremely powerful UVC lamps and then released back into the room. The disinfection of the room air by UV rays is effective and takes place without the use of environmentally harmfulchemicals.
  • There are also cut-outs inside the cassette profile, so that the integrated UVC lamps can disinfect the OPALFILM® film curtain during winding and unwinding.
  • The well-known film curtains, specially developed to provide light regulation at computer screen workplaces, allow a clear view to the outside, combined with glare reduction in accordance with EU guidelines. Their nature reduces the heat in the room, reduces the air-conditioning system, thus saving CO2 and reducing costs.