OPALFILM® ECOLUX sun-protection films are window films designed to protect against solar radiation, and their high energy efficiency leads to substantial savings in energy costs. 

Characteristics at a glance

  • Reduces the cooling load of air-conditioning systems
  • Reduces energy costs
  • Improves the building's CO2 balance and in turn contributes to climate protection under EU energy-efficiency directives
  • Can be retrofitted quickly and inexpensively
  • Short amortisation period
  • No structural changes are required in the building
  • Improves the indoor climate, thus enhancing living and working comfort
  • Maintains employees' performance levels
  • Integrated UV blockers protect objects from fading
  • Highly durable thanks to non-scratch surface
  • Easy to clean

OPALFILM® ECOLUX in a practice test

A comparative test has proven that the installation of OPALFILM® ECOLUX sun-protection films offers a cost-efficient and, above all, effective way of reducing the cooling energy requirements of air-conditioning systems. A number of hotel room windows were fitted with several different OPALFILM® ECOLUX variants, while the windows of other rooms – of similar layout – remained without the coating. The results were unequivocal:

Long-term comparative measurements have verified that the rooms equipped with OPALFILM® ECOLUX sun-protection films did not heat up as much as rooms with no such films; as a result the air conditioners in these rooms were needed less frequently. The result was a significant decrease in the energy consumed by air-conditioning systems.

Further information about this practice test is available here. 

Film colors and variations

OPALFILM® ECOLUX sun-protection films are available either in transparent or dark-tinted versions, as well as in the following colours:

  • silver 20R
  • silver 20R DURA PLUS
  • silver 20R sr Primus Plus
  • silver 35R sr Primus Plus
  • silver 50R sr Primus Plus
  • silver 20R sr Primus
  • silver 35R sr Primus
  • silver 50R sr Primus
  • bronze 20S sr Primus
  • bronze 35S sr Primus
  • grey 20S sr Primus
  • grey 35S sr Primus
  • grey 50S sr Primus
  • neutral 75N sr Primus
  • silver 20 for PC and PMMA

Areas of application

  • Office buildings
  • Public buildings
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Private residences
  • Storage rooms and production halls with large window areas

OPALFILM® ECOLUX – The energy-saving film that improves the room climate

OPALFILM® ECOLUX sun-protection films for windows and glass fronts are an ideal solution for anyone interested in enhancing their energy efficiency and climate protection and who is looking for a simple and comparatively inexpensive, retrofittable sun-protection solution for providing the benefits of an improved room climate.

The special energy-saving film is designed for exterior use and is particularly suitable for rooms with large windows. It is a genuine alternative to the more costly approach of replacing the actual windowpanes. In summer, it provides effective protection against the heat, while in winter, the film system reduces heat loss and in turn enhances the room's living and working comfort.

An additional advantage is that OPALFILM® ECOLUX films do not change the appearance of the building's architecture.

The efficiency of the energy-saving film has been verified in several tests.