OPALFILM® privacy protection films

OPALFILM® privacy films for all kinds of windows and glass panels, available as tinted or frosted-glass-style films; they are opaque and provide effective privacy protection.

Characteristics at a glance

  • Retrofitted privacy protection up to 100%
  • Available in various degrees of tinting and a range of colour variations
  • Also available on request with integrated shatter protection as per EN 12600
  • Décor and design element for room interiors

Areas of application

  • Trade fair construction
  • Sanitary facilities
  • Glass partitions
  • Glass doors
  • Through doors
  • Meeting rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Production areas
  • Residential

Film colors and variations

  • white matt
  • silver matt
  • white opaque
  • black opaque
  • silver-white opaque
  • silver-black opaque

OPALFILM® privacy protection films

Glass panes and windows are responsible for supplying rooms with natural light. However, maximum transparency is not always desirable. That is when reliable visual protection is needed, and one that does not completely block out the incoming light.

OPALFILM® privacy protection films can be retrofitted to windows and glass panels wherever visual protection and increased privacy are desired. These films offer permanent privacy protection up to a level of 100%, depending on the degree of tinting selected. The films can be attached to entire or partial areas of the glass surface.

Thanks to HAVERKAMP's film technology, many properties and functions can be combined in one product, from faintly transparent privacy screening in classic matt white to strong visual protection in opaque white or black, with integrated shatter protection according to EN 12600, or in customer-defined colour combinations.

The protective films in the OPALFILM® product series offer numerous décor possibilities and colour variations for room interiors.