OPALFILM® AS A1 security films

Our optimized security film OPALFILM® AS A1: Clearly advanced and at the same time reduced in price! Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Characteristics at a glance

  • Transparent security film for private and commercial locations
  • Protects against smash-and-grab attacks, thrown objects, and Molotov cocktails
  • Impact-resistant, resistance class categorised under DIN EN 356 P2A
  • Thickness: 300µ
  • Gives glass properties similar to laminated safety glass
  • Can be installed without any structural changes and without impairing ongoing activities
  • Scratch-resistant surface for long service life
  • Easy to clean

Areas of application

  • Private households: patio doors, house doors, window fronts
  • Public buildings
  • Shop windows
  • Entrance areas
  • Production halls
  • Office buildings

OPALFILM® security films

OPALFILM® AS A1 security film turns normal glass into impact-resistant safety glass. Whether stones, Molotov cocktails or burglary implements: OPALFILM® AS A1 ensures that splintered glass stays in the frame. This minimises dangerous airborne glass splinters. The film also increases the endurance of the glass panes to breaching attempts, with the effect that burglars often give up their attempts at entering.

Transparent safety films are ideal for all windows that are at risk of burglary, as they neither hinder people inside the building, nor impede their actions, nor do they affect the building's external architectural appearance. The film is also equipped with a special UV filter, which makes it ideal for use with shop windows. In addition to the security aspect, display objects are effectively protected against excessive yellowing and fading. Moreover, the film also features maximum transparency.