Neotec - series

High-performance heat protection

Characteristics at a glance 

  • High-performance sun protection films for interior and exterior installation
  • High light transmission, very discreet grey-green tint
  • High infrared rejection and low reflectivity
  • High heat and ultraviolet protection
  • Suitable for both modern buildings and listed monuments
  • Can be used with many types of glass including sun and heat protection glass
  • Easy to clean

Areas of application

  • Offices and work rooms
  • Conservatories
  • Residential and sleeping areas
  • Kitchens
  • Warehouses
  • Commercial work spaces
  • Catering establishments
  • Reception areas
  • Hotel rooms and lobbies
  • Attic windows

Neotec - series 

The sun protection films of the Neotec - series are high-performance heat and ultraviolet protection product that also satisfies the requirements for indoor and exterior installation. Ceramic nanoparticles incorporated in the material are responsible for the high infrared rejection,  the low level of reflectivity on the inside and outside, and a high light transmission rate. The level of light attenuation experienced in rooms with sun-protected glazing is minimal.

For indoor installation, the OPALFILM® Neotec is ideal for use in locations where the glazing is difficult to reach from the outside. It can be even be installed on sun protection or heat protection glass. Being installed in the building‘s interior, they frequently preclude the need for expensive risers or scaffolding. In addition, the installation does not depend on the weather or other conditions prevailing outside the building.

Thanks to its very slight grey-blue tinting, the films remains virtually invisible once installed, with the result that the visual appearance of the building and its glazing is hardly affected. Like other sun protection films in our portfolio, this film is scratch-insensitive.