OPALFILM® UV protection

OPALFILM®UV-protection films: UV-protection for windowpanes and glass surfaces; for retrofit protection of furniture and products.

Characteristics at a glance

  • Absorbs 99.5 percent of UV radiation in the 300-380 nm range
  • Protects products, displays and other objects against fading
  • Available in tinted or neutral versions
  • Long service life thanks to scratchproof surface
  • Easy to clean
  • Also available in combination with heat or shatter protection

Areas of application

  • Retail facilities
  • Galleries and museums
  • Private residences
  • Exhibition rooms
  • Furniture showrooms
  • Office rooms

OPALFILM® UV-protection films

UV radiation not only has a damaging effect on skin and eyes but it can also cause furniture, textiles, display items and other objects to fade – particularly when under constant exposure in shop windows. Not even double-glazing is able to filter UV radiation. However, OPALFILM® UV-protection represents an effective retrofit solution.

Not only do these films repel the sun's energy, they also keep away 99% of the UV-A radiation that is responsible for premature fading of goods and objects of all kinds (fade protection factor 3-4). The special UV blockers in the window film absorb the UV light, rendering the irradiation far less aggressive.

The films are inexpensive and uncomplicated to install on the building's existing glass surfaces and are particularly suitable for use in department stores and museums, as well as private residences.

OPALFILM® UV-protection films are generally neutral in colour and can also be combined with heat-protection or anti-shatter characteristics, upon request.