HAVERKAMP is automotive window film developer

SL® brand automotive films: innovative - high-grade - functional

SL® automotive window films are a high-grade car-window enhancement product based on innovative, multilayer, special-function automotive films that provide sun and heat protection, privacy protection, with an elegant design.

Not only are SL® films are a visual enhancement for any motor vehicle, they also prevent its premature value depreciation. They protect both the vehicle interior and passengers from UV radiation and heat and enhance the design of the bodywork thanks to the available choice of tinting grades.

All SL® automotive window films feature a perfect 3D form, combined with a scratch-resistant surface and brilliant transparency.

SL® automotive window films are available in two series: automotive sun-protection films and automotive security films. General type certification (ABG) is available for all automotive film types.

schwarz getönte und verspiegelte Auto Seitenscheibe

sun protection films in in a wide-variety of types and colors

Auto Seitenansicht mit klarer Hitzeschutz Folie

ceramic films for perfect heat and glare protection - absolutely neutral for technical signals

Mercedes Polizeiwagen mit getönter Scheiben Sicherheitsfolie

automotive safety films for special vehicles and private cars

weißer LKW auf Landstraße

paint protection films to protect paint scratches and to preserve the value of vehicles of all kind

Kind mit Teddybär lehnt aus Auto

automotive films to protect human lifes  


effective sun, glare and paint protection for transport vehicles of all kind