SL® Best Bond

Innovative – High-grade – Multilayer – Tinted – Metallised – Enhanced – Ideal protection from heat and sun

Characteristics at a glance

  • Reduces the temperature of the vehicle interior
  • automotive window film developer
  • Reduces CO2 emissions and fuel consumption by reducing load on air-conditioner
  • Repels 99 percent of UV radiation
  • Provides glare and privacy protection
  • Increases privacy when fitted with darker tints
  • Glare limitation for monitors in rear of passenger compartment
  • Visual styling
  • Highest quality automotive film with longest warranty




Technical information

SL® Best Bond series automotive films are based on an innovative, multilayer, tinted and metallised film construction that provides vehicle passengers and interiors with a unique level of heat and sun protection. Moreover, the films are installed using a highly developed adhesive that allows the film to be easily detached.

SL® Best Bond series automotive films display excellent shrinkage properties. Their coloration is black/grey and the films are available in the transmission factors 05 / 12 / 28. The warranty period is seven years.