SL® Special Bond

Extravagant special-purpose film – From mirrored to neutral-coloured – Heat, UV and privacy protection in all shades

Tinting films for car windows for sun protection, heat protection, privacy protection, glare protection and to tint automotive films in part of car tuning.

Characteristics at a glance

  • german automotive film developer
  • Special heat-protection film, from mirrored to neutral-coloured
  • Reduces the temperature of the vehicle interior
  • Air-conditioning used less frequently and with smaller load
  • Repels 99 percent of UV radiation
  • Glare protection
  • Privacy protection in vehicle interior when fitted with darker tints
  • Visual styling for all vehicle types
  • Available in a wide range of tints



Technical information

The mirrored, multilayer automotive films of the SL® - Special Bond offer very good heat and UV protection in the vehicle interior.

The films are available in a wide range of tints and colour variations – from piano black liquid film to a virtually invisible heat screen. The tinted films are therefore ideal for visual tuning. A range of different tints offer an ideal refinement for any vehicle type.

Special series automotive films are available in the transmission factors 03 / 05 / 20 / 70. The warranty period is up to ten years.