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Since August 2015 HAVERKAMP has a distribution partner in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore as well as Thailand:

On 19th August 2015, Mr Wong Fook Chai signed the distribution agreement about the cooperation between Westcotech Sdn Bhd and HAVERKAMP GmbH from Muenster, Germany.

HAVERKAMP with new distributor in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand


The main purpose of our great partnership is the distribution about the SL® automotive film with focus on the SL® Ceramic Bond series. Target of this cooperation is to deliver the Indonesian, Malaysian, Singaporean and Thai markets. The SL® automotive films, in these territories will be distributed as `Westcotech Series - HW`, which should be established at their markets.  Westcotech Sdn Bhd has decided to cooperate with HAVERKAMP as Mr Wong Fook Chai is very convinced by the excellent quality `Made in Germany`, which they would like to pass on to private and business customers.
Furthermore, the SL® automotive film, produced by HAVERKAMP, fulfilled the high requirements concerning the IR- data.

`This cooperation is a great success for HAVERKAMPs products, as those will be available in the above mentioned territories in future. Once more it shows that HAVERKAMPs products are globally high demanded. We are glad that our high qualitative products are well accepted. ` said Ullrich Haverkamp, CEO of HAVERKAMP GmbH. 


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