A must have in every collection and an interesting alternative in every consultation: pleated blinds on based on PET:

Pleated blinds are not only a familiar and tried-and-tested, but also a very popular shading element in private and office spaces.

HAVERKAMP, German shade film manufacturer, adds an interesting alternative to the collection of already known pleats:

OPALFILM® pleated films are a suitable sun and glare protection based on PET. The curtain combines many desired features such as glare and heat protection, visual protection and sound absorption and can be used in all common pleating systems - an innovative all-round talent.

OPALFILM® pleated films are also certified by the Saxonian Textile Research Institute (STFI) of Chemnitz University of Technology, and are also available as B1 (flame-retardant) variant.

Here you can find more information about our pleated sheets with one click.

OPALFILM® pleating films are already well-known for many roll manufacturers:

  • Delivery on order
  • In different color shades
  • in different transparencies    
  • flame-retardant according to B1
  • german manufacturer

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