HAVERKAMP security zone model

  • A security concept based on a series of mutually coordinated security zones 
  • Four security zones, from the perimeter area to the core, provide ideal protection
  • HAVERKAMP has developed high-performance products for use in each security zone 

Optimum security concepts comprise several layers that (like the layers in an onion) surround and protect the innermost, valuable core.

HAVERKAMP has modelled its system on nature – the best possible protection of a product or target takes the form of mutually coordinated protection zones. Each successive zone offers increasing resistance to an external aggressor, increasing the time available for the protected person to react, retreat to the nearest available protective area, or to mobilise intervention forces.

A decisive factor is that even attempts to penetrate the outermost security zone are detected and signalised reliably and with point precision. Each successive zone then provides considerably greater physical resistance, which slows down intruders and creates further time for protecting the person or object under security.

The HAVERKAMP security zone model: from perimeter to core 

HAVERKAMP knows how important a sense of security is to allow unhindered development. A sense of security is a good feeling. It is instilled through a series of protection zones, each containing secure areas with the ability to move freely, while hindering access by unauthorised individuals. 

HAVERKAMP has developed comprehensive, high-performance products for use in each security zone.

Security zone 1 – Safe haven         

Security zone 2 – Building's  outer shell         

Security zone 3 – Periphery         

Security zone 4 – Perimeter