New or retrofit installation

  • As a product developer, HAVERKAMP offers perfect security solutions for new constructions as well as numerous highly efficient security solutions designed for retrofitting.
  • PROFILON® security film solutions for new and retrofit installations: anti-burglary installations for private households, high-end solutions for commercial use, explosion resistance for protection against terror attacks – direct from the developer, made in Germany 
  • HAVERKAMP currently develop one of the strongest security films in the world – PROFILON® P3A – for burglary protection, as well as the explosion-resistant security film PROFILON® ER1
  • Add-on frames for new and retrofit installations increase the penetration class of normal window glass to resistance class P5A
  • Perimeter protection for new and retrofit installations: perimeter systems from HAVERKAMP

Regardless of whether a new building is being planned, an existing building is to undergo a change of purpose, a building's users are exposed to a higher level of danger as a result of changes of some kind, or the general risk situation is becoming more severe – it must be possible to adapt security measures to suit the risks involved, and not the other way round.

For this reason, alongside its ideal solutions for new installations, HAVERKAMP has developed a number of retrofit solutions for installation in existing properties to create secure spaces and a secure feeling, by raising the building's basic security to the desired level.

 ... A comfortable feeling for new and retrofit installations

HAVERKAMP offers all customers the security they need, in accordance with their particular circumstances, whether for a new building or as a retrofit installation.


Security film systems for new and retrofit installations

Thanks to the breadth of HAVERKAMP's know-how, coupled with its many years of experience, HAVERKAMP is constantly developing its range of PROFILON® security films – whether for anti-burglary protection in private households, as high-end solutions for commercial properties, or for protection against explosion in terror attacks.

Further security film variations and additional information about HAVERKAMP PROFILON® security films can be found here.  

Add-on frames for new and retrofit installations

It is not only security film systems that are suitable for retrofitting. By doubling existing windows in new condition, it is possible to effect a drastic increase in the resistance of conventional windows.

PROSECURAL® add-on frames raise the penetration class of conventional window glass directly to resistance class P5A, thus increasing the penetration resistance of the glass to security class RC3 – the same level as for security windows.

Further information about HAVERKAMP PROSECURAL® add-on frames can be found here.  


Perimeter protection for new and retrofit installations

In the field of perimeter protection, HAVERKAMP fence sensor systems are designed to allow functional fences to be converted to detection fences without the need for major modifications. They are the perfect addition to a video surveillance system and detect any incursion attempt directly at the perimeter of the property.

Further information about HAVERKAMP fence systems can be found here.