Security for properties, buildings and interiors

  • A sense of security is instilled through a combination of several mutually coordinated security zones
  • HAVERKAMP supplies its own product developments for each protection zone, direct from the developer and made in Germany, with more than thirty years of market experience 
  • Security area – perimeter protection: for both commercial and private property boundaries
  • Security area – building exterior and interior: security products with a range of resistance classes – effective, inconspicuous, and suitable for all risk levels 

Optimum security concepts comprise several layers that (like the layers in an onion) surround and protect the innermost, valuable core. HAVERKAMP has modelled its system on nature – the best possible protection of a product or target takes the form of mutually coordinated protection zones. Each successive zone offers increasing resistance to an external aggressor.


HAVERKAMP has defined a number of protection zones/security areas:


Security area: perimeter

Perimeter protection for property boundaries in both commercial/industrial and private properties, based on detection/alarm fences and perimeter monitoring by means of invisibly placed sensor or video surveillance systems.

Security area: building's outer shell

Structural, physical building security that complies with various resistance classes, provided by break-in-resistant windows and doors, additional technical measures, and reliable detection and alarm signalisation in the event of intrusion attempts. 


Security area: building's interior

Safe haven within a building for persons or certain areas of an organisation at a very high risk level. Individual security modules, systems and products are modified accordingly, as is the resistance class. 

HAVERKAMP offers its customers a wide range of products – both for new and for retrofit installations.