Security of a building's interior

When persons or areas of an organisation – e.g. research and development departments or strongrooms – are at a particularly high risk, it may often be prudent to install an additional protective zone with an even higher resistance class, within a building that is itself already subject to protection.

For this purpose, HAVERKAMP has defined the SAFE HAVEN safety level, which is used in control centres, executive floors, and as a safe area in private homes (frequently the bedroom and adjacent bathroom).

The definition of the individual security modules, systems and products and their resistance classes is fully customised at this high level of security and individually configured for the risks and hazard class of the persons and buildings in question. HAVERKAMP combines a large range of external and internal security modules into a highly effective overall solution for each SAFE HAVEN.

At this level, discretion is absolutely essential – please contact us directly!

It would not be prudent for us to further specify the systems and protective zones at this point, or to state references. The need to maintain discretion can be a matter of life or death. Should you require a SAFE HAVEN solution, please contact the senior sales manager directly either by telephone or e-mail.