modular aluminium fencing

Characteristics at a glance

  • Aluminium security fencing: a high-performance, modular base structure for alarm fence systems
  • Extremely high durability, highly resistant to false alarms
  • Gapless and sabotage-proof detection
  • AluGARD® security fencing – base structure can be combined with a wide range of fence panelling materials and fillers (from aluminium to glass)
  • Suitable for virtually any type of alarm management system
  • AluGARD® security fence elements can be combined with climbover detection systems, tunnelling protection technology, and LED lighting modules
  • Highly efficient and design oriented, available in all RAL colours – developed by HAVERKAMP
  • Highest profile application: runway at Frankfurt airport

Areas of application

  • Power stations
  • Protected and prohibited areas
  • Airports
  • Company premises
  • Storage facilities
  • Industrial plants
  • Private properties

AluGARD® at Frankfurt Airport 

The AluGARD® system is suitable for many applications, including large-scale industrial plants and airport facilities. This has been amply demonstrated by practical experience. At Frankfurt Airport, for example, HAVERKAMP has installed AluGARD® with WaveGARD® filler and V-top security posts as climbover protection. After several months of use, the operator, FRAPORT AG, drew a positive verdict of the alarm fence, confirming the high performance of its security functionality.

Download: Reference FRAPORT

HAVERKAMP receives follow-up order to provide perimeter security at Frankfurt airport

Aluminium alarm fence made by the security experts from Münster wins through once again following an international tender

The security experts from HAVERKAMP in Münster have been awarded the follow-up contract to provide perimeter protection for a further part of Frankfurt airport. In an order worth several million euros, a section of the airport’s perimeter with a total length of around six kilometres will be protected by one of the most modern and effective aluminium security fences in the world.

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AluGARD®: Modular aluminium base structure for alarm fence systems

The system comprises a high-performance, modular base structure for alarm fence systems, which can be combined with a wide range of elements and technologies. AluGARD® can be combined with virtually any alarm management system as well as a variety of fence panelling materials, fillers or glass. A wide range of climbover and tunnelling protection technologies can be added. The system is highly resistant to false alarms.

The AluGARD® base structure is composed of Y-shaped aluminium posts in a variety of sizes and diameters; it has plug-in modules for climbover detection, based on quiescent current monitoring, and sensor-based climbover detection systems using IR, laser, optical waveguide and video detection, and LED light modules.

Thanks to the system's modular construction, HAVERKAMP is able to modify it to suit the customer's individual needs and requirements without compromising security.

AluGARD® also features high durability. Its modular construction enables flexible fence orientation and optimum integration into any environment. AluGARD® is available in natural aluminium finish and all RAL colours.