Characteristics at a glance

  • Security fence made of interlaced aluminium tubing, with no weld points or screws
  • WaveGARD® is the first aluminium security alarm fence in the world to be fitted with quiescent current monitoring for gapless outdoor surveillance even in large areas
  • External structure is extremely secure against manipulation and offers no points of attack or weak spots
  • Any sabotage attempts are immediately detected by concealed sabotage contacts
  • Extensive applications thanks to element-based construction: from ventilation grille to long-stretch monitoring
  • Available in untreated aluminium and all RAL colours
  • Best-known German reference: FRAPORT AG, new runway at Frankfurt Airport

Areas of application

  • Military sites
  • Airports
  • Railway facilities
  • Industrial plants
  • Private properties
  • Air ducts


Quiescent current monitoring wires run through the aluminium tubes that make up the WaveGARD® fence. This enables the system to immediately and reliably detect any attempts at severing the tubes. WaveGARD® is particularly suitable for use in difficult terrain and for reliable and gapless surveillance of extensive outdoor areas, such as military sites, airports or industrial plants. The fencing is also ideal for protecting private buildings.

The aluminium tubes of the WaveGARD® system's fence panels are woven together seamlessly. Multicore cables can be fed through the inside of the tubes both vertically and horizontally, providing monitoring from a quiescent current loop. Depending on the application, either the entire WaveGARD® panel is monitored or the cables are installed at defined intervals. Using this technology, the system is able to detect even the first breaching attempt.  The system is thus able to exclude false alarms from animals or the effects of the weather.

At its exterior, WaveGARD® presents a structure with no points of attack or weak spots; the system is therefore extremely secure against manipulation. The system can immediately detect any sabotage attempts, thanks to the installed sabotage contacts.

This periphery detection system can be integrated in the overriding HAVERKAMP management system or used as a standalone system. 

WaveGARD® can be integrated in the AluGARD® base system

WaveGARD® is ideally suited for integration in the AluGARD® base system. AluGARD® is a system of aluminium posts, available from HAVERKAMP in a range of sizes and diameters. These can be fitted with a variety of fillers – adapted to customer requirements – as well as climbover protection and sensor and video systems.

Further information on AluGARD® is available here.

FRAPORT AG chose the combination of AluGARD® with WaveGARD® filler for the new runway at Frankfurt Airport.

Further information on this project is available here. 




WaveGARD® is the first alarm fence in the world to be made primarily from aluminium. This has two main advantages. Firstly, the fence features a high-quality appearance from the interlaced aluminium tubing, with no weld points or screws. And secondly, aluminium is resistant to extreme weather conditions, such as heat, cold or storm.

Its flowing, purist design gives WaveGARD® an elegant and high-class appearance. Its timeless form means it can be integrated in both classic and modern architecture.

Thanks to the use of special alloys, the high-performance WaveGARD® security and alarm fence is not subject to rusting and proves its high durability even in areas where the material is subject to extreme stress, such as hot and marine climates. The fence panels are available in untreated form or in any RAL colour.

Thanks to its element-based construction, WaveGARD® can not only be used for fencing, but also anywhere else where mesh structures are required – for instance in air ducts.