Security windows and doors

Zertifizierung PfB-Cert

HAVERKAMP Sicherheitsfenster und -Türen mit der Widerstandsklasse RC3 sind vom PfB zertifiziert(Prüfzentrum für Bauelemente KG), in Rosenheim.

HAKAGARD® security windows and doors are made according to the individual customer's specifications and needs, and are available in just about any imaginable form and opening type.

Security windows can be supplied either with standard burglar-resistant glazing or, if preferred, with bullet-resistant glass panels in accordance with DIN EN 1063 up to resistance class BR7-NS. The glass panels were developed by HAVERKAMP; they are highly transparent and unlike many other types of security glass, they have no green tint. The high security class means that they are not discernible to outside onlookers.

In addition to their security aspects, what all items in the HAKAGARD® product series have in common is that they satisfy the current requirements of energy loss minimisation by employing highly insulating, functional security glass.

There are also a number of security classes available for the interior of a building, with different security classes and access authorisations applying to certain rooms and corridors, as required. These individual protection classes can also be realised and visualised with HAKAGARD® security windows and doors.