Protection against bullet penetration with HAKAGARD® window and door elements

HAVERKAMP security windows and doors offer maximum security wherever it is important to provide special protection of valuables or endangered persons. HAKAGARD® security glass protects against the complete penetration of a glass panel by bullets. The glass panels, which were developed by the company, are highly transparent and do not display the green tint that is frequently a feature of security glass; this means that the high security class is not discernible to onlookers.

HAKAGARD® security windows and doors:

  • Bullet-resistant up to FB6 in accordance with DIN EN 1522
  • Bullet-resistant glass up to BR6-NS in accordance with DIN EN 1063
  • Burglary-resistant up to RC4 in accordance with DIN EN 1627-1630
  • Burglary-resistant glass up to P8B in accordance with DIN EN 356
  • VdS Class C compliant fully concealed monitoring of opening and close-off
  • Monitoring also active when window panels are tilted
  • Toughened safety glass with integrated alarm technology for monitoring glass breakage