HAVERKAMP develops window films and variable systems to suit all architectural styles. Our products, which include sun protection films, heat protection films, privacy films, mirror films, anti-shatter films, UV-protection films and roller blind systems that provide glare protection in accordance with Workplace Regulations, are all designed to enhance a room's internal climate.


OPALFILM® flat-glass and special-function films and OPALVARIO® variable systems demonstrably alter, enhance and optimise room climates, whatever the architectural style, even retrospectively.

Our high-quality films and systems can be retrofitted and integrated into any architectural style, providing glass panels, windows and window fronts with new functions and additional characteristics which, for a variety of reasons, were not previously considered.

Whether in the office or workplace, in private homes, businesses or production halls, in listed historical buildings or new constructions, the use of OPALFILM® and OPALVARIO® products can improve a room's internal climate, enhance the building's appearance, increase the level of protection to buildings and individuals, and save energy.

The benefits are many and varied:

  • Improved room climate increases living and working comfort.
  • Reduced energy costs and improved CO2 balance in buildings.
  • Anti-shatter, anti-vandalism and UV-protection functions can be easily retrofitted.
  • Investment has a short amortisation period; refitting is fast and cost-effective.
  • The value and appearance of window and building facades can be emphasised by flexible, design-oriented redecoration or even a fully new design.
  • A new façade design can be retrofitted.
  • Production of custom solutions and films for special applications.

Custom production

As a film developer, HAVERKAMP is able to accommodate individual customer requirements. Film systems for special applications or in particular colour combinations can be develop quickly and flexibly – even in small quantities.

Premium brands, made in Germany: film systems directly from the developer

In production too, HAVERKAMP places the focus on quality 'Made in Germany'. Our internal production facility is laid out in such a way that all relevant refinement and product optimisation processes can be directly controlled and any product changes and new developments implemented quickly and flexibly. This creates security: for our product quality and for our customers.