OPALFILM® liquid film special

Shatter protection lacquer for glass objects with special shapes

Benefits of OPALFILM® Liquid Film at a glance:

  • Safety coating for all types of glass surfaces
  • Shatter protection for compliance with all safety requirements in the glass industry
  • Additional solution and competitive advantage for glass manufacturers
  • UV-stable and UV-absorbent (reduces UV irradiation by over 99% in the range 300–380 nm)
  • For interior and exterior applications
  • Tested pursuant to DIN EN 12600 by the Material Testing Agency
  • Of neutral colour (also available in coloured form on request)
  • Weather resistant and able to withstand bigger wind loads

Areas of application

  • Ellipses
  • Glass tubes

  • Laboratory flasks

  • Glass beads

  • LEDs / glass lamps

  • Structural glazing

  • Polycarbonate sheets

  • Overhead glass objects

  • Many more




OPALFILM® Liquid Film

Shatter protection lacquer for glass objects with special shapes

Specially shaped glass objects are not shatterproof. Moreover, they are difficult to produce and combine such that they comply with the constantly increasing safety requirements for shatter protection in the glass industry. Similarly, more and more custom-shaped glass facades and overhead glass objects are now being constructed – surfaces that do not lend themselves so easily to the installation of shatter protection films.

OPALFILM® Liquid Film is a liquid safety coating that is able to adapt flexibly to the shapes and structures of any glass surface. This gives conventional glass properties that are similar to those of laminated safety glass, making it the ideal additional solution for any glass manufacturer, and at the same time a considerable competitive advantage.

Once hardened, the transparent liquid coating stabilises any glass surface and hence prevents splinters or shards of glass from becoming detached or falling down. This considerably increases a glass object's residual load capacity, while also providing effective protection for people and property.

The Material Testing Agency (MPA) of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia has tested the shatter protection coating in accordance with DIN EN 12600 and confirmed its effectiveness.

OPALFILM® Liquid Film can be applied in different thicknesses and is suitable for both interior and exterior use. It is of neutral colour (also available in coloured form on request), weather-resistant, and able to withstand bigger wind loads.