OPALFILM® privacy films for your windows, window fronts and glass panels; a window film for privacy protection, available in frosted-glass or other colours

Privacy protection

Create an eye catching design while maintaining internal privacy: OPALFILM® privacy films can be retrofitted to windows and glass panels wherever visual protection and increased privacy are desired.

OPALFILM® privacy films are available in a range of colours and variations. Several characteristics and functions can be combined in a single product thanks to the special HAVERKAMP film technology: from faintly transparent privacy screening in classic matt white to strong visual protection in opaque white or black, with integrated shatter protection according to EN 12600, or in customer-defined colour combinations.

The protective films in the OPALFILM® product series offer numerous décor possibilities and colour variations for room interiors.

Applications of OPALFILM® privacy films:

Trade fair construction – Sanitary facilities – Residential buildings – Through doors – Meeting rooms – Balustrade glazing – Production areas – Laboratories