OPALFILM® anti-shatter films for glass and windows: DIN-tested shatter protection for stabilising glass panels; can also be combined with sun-protection, privacy protection, and UV-protection

Shatter protection

Conventional single or double-glazing offers no protection against laceration injury when breakage occurs. There will always be a risk of injury when these types of glass are deployed in places where people are usually nearby.

OPALFILM® anti-shatter films hold the glass pane together, stabilise the glass panes or facades and protect against airborne glass splinters. This minimises the risk of injury and protects against property damage.

The films are transparent, categorised according to DIN EN 12600, and between 115µ and 230µ thick in the standard version (greater thicknesses available on request). They are also equipped with effective UV-protection.

HAVERKAMP develops anti-shatter films for interior and exterior use. They are also available with additional functions, such as sun-protection, privacy protection, as décor elements and for other applications – whatever the customer requires. Optionally, OPALFILM® liquid film can be employed with textured glass or on non-flat surfaces.

Applications of OPALFILM® anti-shatter films:

Public buildings – Kindergartens – Schools – Buildings with glazed balustrades – Windows and glazing in private households with small children – Production halls – Food-producing industry (IFS standard)