OPALFILM® UV protection films: UV-protection for windowpanes, providing retrofitted protection of goods and furnishings  


Utilise sun and light in presenting the things you wish to display while protecting objects that need protection:

Inconspicuous and neutral-coloured OPALFILM® UV-protection films absorb the destructive light wavelengths that would otherwise pass unhindered through simple glass panes. These films not only help to deflect the energy from the sun but also remove more than 99% of the UV-A radiation that is responsible for premature fading of your displayed goods (fade protection factor 3-4).

High-quality goods in shop-window displays retain their colour for longer, historical exhibits can be safely displayed in presentation cabinets, and exclusive residential interiors enjoy long-term protection.

OPALFILM® UV-protection films are generally neutral-coloured, but they can also be combined with heat-protection functions if the customer wishes. Optionally, OPALFILM® UV-protection liquid film can be employed with textured glass or illuminants.

Applications of OPALFILM® UV-protection films:

Retail facilities – Galleries – Private residences – Museums – Exhibition rooms – Furniture showrooms – Office rooms