OPALFILM® sun-protection films provide heat protection and sun protection for your windows, and can be retrofitted quickly and cost-effectively.   

Heat protection

Glass panels, window fronts and glazing are important factors of any building. They allow natural light and heat into the building and enable visual contact with the world outside. However, the inherent structural disadvantage of glass as a building material is that it does not limit the amount of heat and radiation passing through it. The result is that workrooms and living spaces become unpleasantly hot.

OPALFILM® sun-protection films are an ideal way of significantly reducing heat irradiation and achieving a balanced room climate. By using a combination of reflection and absorption, the various film types can limit radiation from the sun to create pleasant room temperatures. This reduces the amount of energy consumed by air-conditioners and so saves costs.

The predominantly metalised polyester films are available in a wide range of types, from virtually transparent to strikingly tinted – depending on the customer's wishes and the style of the building. They can also be combined with additional functions, such as UV protection, shatter protection or privacy protection.

Applications of OPALFILM® sun-protection films to protect against excess heat:

Office rooms – Private residences – Hotels – Restaurants – Events rooms – Storage rooms – Production halls – Retail facilities – Entrance halls