OPALVARIO® panel screens

Characteristics at a glance

  • High-quality sun protection, glare protection and privacy protection – for office rooms and interior home designs
  • Special screen materials maintain visibility to the outside in accordance with EU directives; alternatively available with light-scattering PERGAMO film (textured fine-matt surface for privacy protection)
  • Available for two-to-five way runners
  • Panel widths variable between 400 mm and 1,000 mm
  • Panels move either freely or by means of a towing arm, sling rod or laterally attached pull cord

Areas of application

  • windows in offices and meeting rooms 
  • computer-screen working stations
  • Entrance halls
  • Living spaces
  • as room divider

Profile variants

  • white (RAL 9016)
  • silver matt anodised
  • high-grade steel

Film embossings

  • Diamant embossing
  • Glatt Stabila embossing
  • Diamant Stabila embossing

Film variants

  • periphery either metallized or tinted
  • alternatively dimming hangings available
  • PERGAMO film (structured / finely matted)  as privacy protection and decorative element with high translucency (transmission> 80%) for the scattering of incident light

Film colors

  • silver / grey
  • silver / bronze
  • silver / silver
  • silver / black
  • silver / white
  • grey / grey
  • orange



OPALVARIO® panel screens

OPALVARIO® panel screens are the ideal solution for anyone requiring a sun and glare protection system with a modern design and that can be flexibly regulated. Fitted with high-quality OPALFILM® film screen materials, panel screens are a genuine eye catcher and represent a unique combination of design elements, protection and functionality.

Panel screens are especially suitable for use at computer-screen workplaces, as they protect against unpleasant glare while at the same time preserving good visibility to the outside. They are available in a wide range of colours, textures, transparencies and embossing finishes.

The two-to-five way runner system is mounted either beneath the ceiling or on the wall. The individual panels can be moved either freely or using a towing arm, sling rod or laterally attached pull cord. Panel widths vary between 400 mm and 1,000 mm and can be precisely calculated on the basis of system width and number of panels.