OPALVARIO® pleated systems

Characteristics at a glance

  • Variable, high-tech glare protection, sun protection and heat protection
  • Pleated finish
  • Provides visibility to the outside in accordance with EU regulations
  • Also suitable as a cosy sun protection solution for homes
  • Special surface also makes it suitable for providing shade in hospitals, rehabilitation centres, care homes and kindergartens
  • Available for a wide range of window forms and surfaces

Areas of application

  • Offices
  • Meeting rooms
  • Display working stations
  • Living spaces
  • Hospitals, special-care homes
  • Kindergarten

System design

  • Stretched out system with handle operation
  • Pleated film between two profiles
  • Hanging can be stopped at any position
  • Plastic parts are made of high-quality plastic, resistant to UV-light, thermally stable and abrasion-resistant
  • Lock function of the operating profile on clamp foots

System colors

  • Profiles consist of extruded aluminium
  • vailable in nature color anodized (E6 / EV1), white powder-coated (RAL 9016), black anodized (C 35)
  • any other RAL-colors on request


  • Installation in the window frame, on the window casement, in or in front of the recess 

Film variants

  • periphery either metallized or tinted
  • alternatively dimming hangings available
  • film embossings: Glatt, Glatt Stabila, Diamant, Diamant Stabila

Film colors

  • silver/grey
  • silver/bronze
  • silver/silver
  • silver/black
  • silver/white
  • grey/grey
  • orange



OPALVARIO® pleated systems for modern homes and workplaces

OPALVARIO® pleated systems provide stylish and design-oriented shade in building interiors. The systems were especially developed to control the amount of light at computer-screen workplaces. They retain a clear view to the outside while making ideal use of natural daylight, while reducing glare in accordance with EU standards. The pleated blind system guarantees a pleasant atmosphere and has a positive effect on health and well-being both in commercial buildings and at home.

Due to their clear, attractive and decorative design, pleated systems are also suitable for providing sun and glare protection at home. Featuring flexible operation and a wide range of models, OPALVARIO® pleated systems look perfect in modern homes, where they create an ideal, discreet and modern atmosphere.


Whether vertical or tilt and turn windows, large or small window panes, ceiling windows, conservatories, or in triangular, pentagon or hexagon shape, pleated blinds offer a perfect combination of regulation and sun protection for any kind of window. Their special folding mechanism means that pleated blinds can be mounted to virtually any type of window. They are ideally suited for large glass surfaces such as in conservatories. Their variable operation means that the amount of light entering the room can be precisely controlled.

The film's special surface texture makes it extremely easy to clean. This makes these systems ideal for providing shade in places where hygiene plays a major role, such as hospitals, rehabilitation units and kindergartens, etc.

Pleated blinds are operated by a handle that enables stepless positioning of the screen material.

The screen material can be selected from a wide range of standard OPALFILM® shade films. The films can be ordered with various light transmission rates, tinting options and surface finishes, to satisfy individual technical requirements and design preferences.