Characteristics at a glance

  • Modern roller blinds for ideal sun protection, glare protection and heat protection
  • Developed to regulate incoming light at computer-screen workplaces in accordance with Workplace Regulations (ArbStättV)
  • Operated either manually using laterally attached plastic ball chains or by an electric motor
  • Can be installed under virtually any room conditions
  • Clear, unobtrusive design and a cost-effective alternative for providing ideal shade in rooms and halls with many windows

Areas off application

  • Offices
  • Meeting rooms
  • display working stations
  • Living spaces
  • Production works

System design

  • Precision winding roller
  • screen end strip and support section of extruded aluminium
  • Available in white (RAL 9016, plastics white) and silver (RAL 9006, plastics grey) and in all RAL- colors (plastics mostly black)
  • All system parts are made of high-quality UV- and ageing-resistant materials

Side guide system

  • Tensioned wires are used as side guides


  • by a side pulley with an endless plastic ball chain or by a 24 V tubular motor as an option


  • With clips on the window frame, wall or ceiling
  • Various wall brackets and supports are available as installation aids

Film variants

  • periphery either metallized or tinted
  • alternatively dimming hangings available
  • film embossings: Glatt, Glatt Stabila, Diamant, Diamant Stabila

Film colors

  • silver/grey
  • silver/bronze
  • silver/silver
  • silver/black
  • silver/white
  • grey/grey
  • orange
  • bronze/bronze
  • clear (UV-protection)



OPALVARIO® BASIC roller blind system

The OPALVARIO® BASIC roller blind system is a classic modern roller blind that provides effective and attractive protection against sun and glare.

The system features and attractive linear design. It provides flexible protection from sun and glare, and can be repositioned to suit the time of day, ensuring constantly pleasant indoor conditions without blocking out any pleasant, soothing daylight.

The system can be very easily integrated into virtually any room; it is mounted simply by clipping to the window frame, wall or ceiling. It is operated either manually by a laterally attached plastic ball chain or by an electric drive, for which a large selection of Somfy control units is available. The movements of the blind can be controlled smoothly using the laterally attached cords.

OPALFILM® shade films are highly recommended as a screen material and are available in many different variations, to suit a wide range of different room types. Films are available in a wide range of light transmissions, tints and surfaces.